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  • Kaitlyn Cammer

The past few weeks dad was not improving. His blood sugars were constantly high which we took him to the emergency room for, and he was still too weak to get out of bed. When he started running a fever we called his surgeon and were told to keep managing and monitoring it. When his fever lasted for over three days they prescribed him antibiotics which didn't end up working. Finally, after five days with a fever reaching 102, we had to do what we all were trying to avoid and take dad to the hospital. We all donned our surgical masks and got dad into the car, making the drive down to Johns Hopkins once again. Dad was supposed to be admitted right into the hospital to avoid the emergency room full of COVID-19 patients because of his extremely high risk, but he ended up having to go there after all. We were all terrified for him, and when he was finally admitted we were unable to go with him. Because of the pandemic, no one is allowed to go with the patients. So, dad has been in the hospital for the past couple weeks, and we are unable to see him.

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  • Kaitlyn Cammer

As a part of his recovery, it's important for dad to try and move every day if he can. So, we take him for walks around the neighborhood when it's nice out. The exercise gets his, uh.. bowels moving... and can result in some unintended but hilarious flatulence.

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  • Kaitlyn Cammer

This week with the pandemic panic starting to set in, the stores were completely empty. It was especially challenging trying to find the supplies dad needed for his new situation. During his surgery they completely removed his pancreas and spleen, making him unable to digest foods and produce insulin, resulting in diabetes. He needs a whole bunch of supplies like glucose test strips, lancets, and alcohol wipes to keep everything sterilized and his surgery wounds clean. As my sister and I searched the stores for supplies we were unable to find dad alcohol wipes anywhere, and we dreaded coming back to tell him the news. He FLIPPED his shit and freaked out, terrified that he was going to die. It definitely wasn't funny in the moment, but afterwards we could laugh about it.

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