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Little Blue

Branding Project

Little Blue is a collaborative brand that I created alongside my class partner, Anastasia Eren. In our Branding and Art Direction class the focus for the semester was on the increasing fear and anxiety about climate change present in the younger generations, and severely lacking in the older ones. We started by discussing what effects we had already been noticing and experiencing firsthand by climate change, noting the terrifying wildfire season that we witnessed just months earlier, and increasingly dangerous storms that have been hitting the United States. We shared our own stories as well as researched other people's, in order to expand our reach and perspectives. 

We then began researching what could be done about climate change, and how to achieve it. This inspired our Umbrella brand Little Blue, named and molded after the Blue Spix Macall that recently went extinct. We chose five companies who we researched and deemed worthy of inclusion in our eco-conscious brand, ranging from everyday products like Ripple milk, to luxury items like Burberry.

The goal of Little Blue is to provide consumers with environmentally safe alternatives to their normal products, spanning everything from the everyday to the extravagant. People are reluctant to make changes because it inconveniently alters their lifestyles, but with our brand, helping the planet doesn't have to affect their day-to-day. Little Blue is an easy way to help climate change, and leave a smaller footprint on our world.  

At the end of the semester we pitched our umbrella brand to hypothetical investors. The presentation we gave can be viewed above.

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