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Graphic Design Across Culture

Book Design

This project was assigned in my Graphic Design Intensive class. We were given a semester-long project comprised of four different sections: music, architecture, food, and costume. In each of the sections, we designed various assets from posters, menus, albums, etc. that would be combined at the end of the semester into a final book.   ​

The first section was music, in which we were tasked to select four different designers whose work we thought best represented each genre of music: jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, and classical. Using our designers as inspiration, we created album covers for artists that we also selected for each genre. I chose Stefan Sagmeister and Turnstile for rock, Beethoven and Erik Nitsche for classical, Alvin Lustig and Louis Armstrong for jazz, and Max Huber and Aretha Franklin for rhythm and blues. 

The second section was architecture, where we selected four architectural styles and design posters for each of them. I selected victorian, Japanese, Italian, and Indo-Islamic styles.


The third section was food, where the focus shifted from illustrative to typographic. We selected four restaurants and created new menus for each of them. 

Finally, our last section was costume. For this section, we selected four different fashion time periods to inspire the theme and look of an invitation. The decades I chose were all based in the United States, and were the 50's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.

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